Esteban M. Gonzalez, luthier.

Contemporary Guitar Builder of the City of Buenos Aires; is one of the most prestigious luthiers of our country, founding member and first president of the Argentine Association of Luthiers, founder of the School Workshop “El Virutero” and current director of the “School of Luthería Argentina”. His guitar “Comrade MIDI” has been selected for the catalog INNOVAR 2011/2013. He recently received the 2015 Best Product Award at the exhibition Música Música, and his guitar “Nueva Argentina” was selected for the INNOVAR 2015 exhibition.

Their guitars are chosen by the most demanding and recognized contemporary musicians from Argentina and the world such as Quique Sinesi, Rogerio Souza (Brazil), Stefan Laudyn (Denmark), Per O. Kobberstad (Norway), Matias Arriazu, Ernesto Snajer, Nicolás “Colacho” Brizuela, Julio Azcano (Argentina / Switzerland), Jose Saluzzi (Argentina / Austria), Fernando Tarrés, Horacio Castillo (Raúl Barboza), Armando de la Vega, Ezequiel Menalled (Argentina / Holland), Ismael Grossman, Luis Zanazzo and Miguel Ortiz between much others.

He has exhibited and given conferences in Germany, Norway, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. And taught his trade to more than 400 apprentices from Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Norway, El Salvador and Chile.

Its classic and contemporary instruments possess a personal stamp, determined by its characteristic construction mode and its aesthetic design, in an average way between the new concepts of construction, the implementation of technologies (carbon fiber, epoxies, etc), and the traditional techniques.

The design of his guitars is the product of continuous experimentation and analysis of the acoustic phenomena that occur in the instrument, which has led him to perform a continuous laboratory work within his workshop, analyzing the performance and acoustic response of the classic nylon guitar.

Implementing state-of-the-art technologies and specially selected first quality materials, all of their instruments are built with the quality and specialization offered by a first-rate craftwork made available to the demands of professional musicians.

Their guitars are chosen by renowned musicians from Argentina and the world such as Quique Sinesi, Ernesto Snajer, Matias Arriazu, Rogerio Souza, Nicolás “Colacho” Brizuela, Julio Azcano, Fernando Tarrés, Horacio Castillo, Armando de la Vega, Ezequiel Menalled, Ismael Grossman, Luis Zanazzo, Miguel Ortiz, Jorge Milchberg, among others.

He currently teaches clinics, workshops and specialization courses in music production by electronic means, design and sound experimentation, and improvement for luthiers and advanced guitarists in different events both in his country and abroad.